A circular trophy economy to benefit local charities.

Trophy take-back scheme & support for local charities

We offer a unique take-back programme to the benefit of charities and not-for-profit events. If you are a donor with a cupboard or attic full of trophies that are no longer wanted, please consider bringing them in to us. We will carry out a full clean and polish, as well as minor repairs where possible and needed. Local charities and not-for-profit events can then apply for free trophies for events they run.
This circular trophy economy is an environmentally friendly and socially conscious way to support local charities whilst reducing waste going to landfill.
We kindly ask you to not bring in trophies that are badly damaged or obviously beyond repair. We offer a reuse programme – not a waste recycling scheme.

If you are a local charity in Brighton & Hove, Sussex or Surrey, please contact us if you wish to find out more about how you can benefit from this programme.

UPDATE January 2024: Our trophy re-use scheme has proven so popular that we have been receiving old trophies from all around the country. Unfortunately, for the time being, we are therefore having to limit the intake to local donors only. Please note that we are unable to accept posted trophies for this scheme. Please bring them to the shop in person. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and apologies if we are unable to accept trophies from you at this point in time.